Prayer Guide

April 7, 2024
Focus on the previous week’s message:
Rusty Massey - Luke 24:13-27
  1. It is easy to get distracted.
    • The two men walking to Emmaus were focused on their own thoughts that they missed Jesus (e.g., “We thought he was a prophet; We thought he would redeem Israel but he can’t because he is dead; etc.).
    • We can also get distracted by the good things that we don’t see the God things.
  2. Focus on what God’s word says.  
    • We need to move away from what we think to focusing on what God’s word says.
    • Even if we’ve been hurt, Jesus understands our pain. We can trust in God’s word and for Jesus to show up in our life.

Pray for our congregation and Board in the midst of this transition:
  1. Pray for the pastor search committee as as they launch the search for our senior pastor.
  2. Pray for our congregation, that we will be open to God’s guidance and leadership.
  3. Pray for the man God has already set aside to be our senior pastor and his family.
  4. Pray for the next senior pastor’s current ministry as they may be in a similar situation as we have been in recent months.
  5. Pray for Pastor Rusty Massey and his family as they serve with us.
Pray through the building and outside as weather permits:
Suggested prayer points as you go through different parts of the building:
  • Pray that God will use the space to further the gospel.
  • Pray that the space will be used for its intended purpose (e.g., Children’s Ministry rooms will be safe spaces for children to learn about Jesus).
  • Thank God for what He has done and is doing in the space.
  • Look at the objects in the room and how they can be used to draw people to grow in their relationship with Christ (e.g., pray that the people who sit in the chairs in the sanctuary will be obedient to God’s calling on their life).
  • Ask God to reveal specific needs in this space and how can they be met.
  • Pray for those who serve in the space to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Do a prayer walk around our community: 
As you walk around the community, pay attention to what you observe. Ask that the Lord prepare you to view the community with spiritual eyes and experience the community in a new way.

Here are a few examples of things to be aware of and how to incorporate that into your prayers:
  • Do you see a home with a play area? Thank God that He loves us and loves the little children. Pray for the children, for their safety, for their families, and that nothing hinders the children from coming to know Jesus Christ.
  • Do you see areas that are covered in litter? Pray that people will have a desire to keep their community clean and safe. But more importantly, pray that the people will seek turn to God to remove the filth and impurity in their lives that sin creates.
  • Do you hear birds chirping? Thank the Lord for the joyful sounds. Pray that the community will experience the joy of the Lord and all that He has created.